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The P of Poly Plast stands for Manufacturing of Quality Hangers to cater the " I " International Market.

The Red colour denotes the aggression in Manufacturing / Marketing / Capacity / Growth and the grey sign denotes the professional approach.

Company Profile

Poly Plast International started its manufacturing operations from the year 2002. The Promotors have got over half-a-century of experience in the production of specialised plastic injection molded products and three decades of exclusive hanger manufacture is the background of the name.

Poly Plast specializes in production of all kinds of 'clear' hangers and 'wood-finish' hangers apart from a wide range of regular hangers. The company is growing with the growing need for hangers in the garment industry, thus having a current production capacity of 1.2 million pieces per month, which is planned to reach 2.5 million pieces a month by mid-2006.

Apart from meeting the huge demands of its Indian customers, Polyplast is also exploring to cater its European and American customers in Asian countries. The company is fully equipped with the necessary infrastructure, expertise and the drive to reliably and promptly supply to any volume of demands and provide 100% customer delight.

The company looks forward to ISO certification in the near future. The company uses approved grade of master batches, metal clips and hooks wherever used are of international standards and of excellent quality. The company has developed special design of hangers for certain exclusive garments. The materials used in the production of hangers are high impact Polystyrene (HIP), Polystyrene (GPPS), Poly-Propylene ( PP), ABS, K-Resin, EVA, TPE, and saan etc., of high quality.

All Hangers Manufactured by Poly Plast International are Recyclable

The growth chart of Polyplast is a steep upward projection, guaranteeing 100% growth every year for the next three years. The company has taken the forecast and is gearing up to produce 50 million pieces a year, with a foresight for expansion of its production capacity in several locations.
Many More Models are Under Developement

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